Thank you for taking the time to help CharmLab create a case study detailing how Studio 141 has helped you reach your business goals.

Case Study Questionnaire

  • Did you have any frustration points with your old vendor?
    What challenges did you face?
    How did Studio141 work with you to fix these challenges?
  • What were your top reasons for choosing Studio 141?
    Quality, Access, Experience, Services, Professionalism, Working Relationship?
  • Please describe how easy or hard is it to work with Studio 141.
    How have we helped you overcome your challenges?
    What is your favorite part of working with Studio 141?
  • Did you achieve your goals?
    Did you save time? Money? If you can, please provide specific metrics (saved 20%, cut production by 6 weeks).
  • Would you recommend Studio 141 to a colleague?
    What is the biggest reason you would recommend our service offerings?
  • We value our client relationships and always strive to provide a positive experience for our clients in the Studio. Please tell us how we can improve our offerings.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.